HCAC Swim School

HCAC Swim School offers a full range of water adjustment and learn-to-swim classes including private lessons and lessons for those with special needs.  All classes are lead by trained and certified instructors who cumulatively teach 5,000 children annually.



Parent & Child – ages 6-48 months

Babies and toddler are introduced to the water in the arms of parents as instructors lead them through games, activities and skills that teach very basic water adjustment.

Little Swimmers – ages 4-5 years

The goal of this program is first and foremost to teach the lifesaving skill of falling in to rolling on the back and calling for help to kicking to an exit point.  Once children master this skill, instructors will begin introducing youth skills in the preschool setting.

Youth Lessons – ages 6-12 years

The youth program consists of 10 stations.  Each station builds on the prior station.  Stations 1-3 consist of basic water adjustment and personal safety skills.  Stations 4-6 introduce the competitive stokes with an emphasis on technique.  Stations 7-10 complete a swimmer’s beginning development by building on endurance.  Since each child grows and learns differently, children are evaluated daily by their instructors and may be tested and moved to the next station by the Site Supervisor.  The ultimate goal of the learn-to-swim program is for swimmers to complete 300 yds of continuous swimming.




Special Swim is a program designed to introduce children with special needs to the water.  Children ages 4-12 work one on one with trained volunteers on skills that include water adjustment, movement, socialization and basic water safety.

“Hope to always have this available for my daughter, she has gained so much confidence.  Awesome that the aquatic center has an area designed to fit this demographic.”

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During the school year, HCAC teaches swim lessons to kindergartners – 5th grade students who attend Holland Public Schools, Holland Christian Schools, Vanderbilt, Black River, Corpus Christi, Calvary Schools, Lakewood Elementary and Holland Adventist Academy. Watch below for an introduction to these lessons.