The Holland Community Aquatic Center Swim School is the place to go for the BEST swimming lessons. We offer a full range of classes from 6 months to adults, as well as lessons for those with special needs, and private or semi-private lessons. Learn more about our program or register today!

We are proud of the competitive program that calls HCAC, “home.”  The Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics team offers competitive teams in swimming, diving and masters.  Learn more about our teams!

“It’s a bittersweet moment, leaving a fantastic group of people after knowing them over 6 years is hard. Everything I know about swimming is all thanks to MLA, the fantastic swim instructors at the Holland Community Aquatic Center and my parents. Structure in life is very important to me and I’ve always had that with this team and this sport. No matter what’s happening in any one given day, I know swimming is at this particular time and at this particular place. Swimming is a sport where dedication put into it, shows over time. My success has never been over a season, but it’s been over many seasons. So I now know to never give up with a couple losing streaks, but to stick it out through the storm and on day the sun will shine on you!!! So a big thank you for MLA and its coaches and a big thank you to my parents that have given the opportunity to shine in the water.” – Denis Engle, former MLA swimmer and HCAC lifeguard

ARC Lifeguard Training and renewal classes are offered year-round.  View our upcoming classes.  We will also work with small businesses and organizations to train staff members in Lifeguarding or CPR/First Aid.  For more details on a custom program, call HCAC and ask for Thom Miller.


Whether you are looking for a high energy, aerobic workout on land, in the water or something low-impact and more therapeutic-based, there is a fitness class at HCAC for you.  Our fitness classes run continuously, year-round.  Learn more about what classes are running and register today!