HCAC Swim School

Creating opportunities in aquatics for people of all abilities through excellence in swimming instruction

The Holland Community Aquatic Center Swim School offers a full range of water adjustment and learn-to-swim classes. These include group and private lessons as well as classes for those with special needs.

Parent and Child | 6 months – 4 years

Parent and Child | 6 months – 4 years

Babies and toddlers are introduced to the water in the arms of their own parents as a instructor leads the group in games, activities and skills that teach basic water safety and adjustment.

Little Swimmers | 3-5 years

Little Swimmers I  | 3-4 years

The goal of Little Swimmers I is to introduce children to the key skills needed to safely enjoy water. Through play and skill instruction students adjust to independence in the water while learning the life saving skill of floating on the back and calling for help.

Little Swimmers II | 4-5 years

The Little Swimmer II course focuses on helping students develop basic water movement skills. Students enrolling in the course should have completed the Little Swimmer I course or equivalent.

Learn to Swim | 6-12 years

The Learn-to-Swim program allows each child to progress at his/her own pace. Each of the five levels from Water Adjustment to Advanced Stroke Skills has a set of skills that must be learned prior to moving to the next level. Students are grouped by current level to work with one of the our instructors. In addition to learning swimming skills students are taught essential water safety skills.

  • Level 1 | Water Adjustment
  • Level 2 | Beginning Swim Skills
  • Level 3 | Beginning Stroke Skills
  • Level 4 | Developing Stroke Skills
  • Level 5 | Advanced Stroke Skills

Special Swim | 4+ years old

Special Swim is a program designed to introduce children with special needs to the water.  Children ages 4-12 work one on one with trained volunteers on skills that include water adjustment, movement, socialization and basic water safety.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons | 5+ years old

In addition to our group swimming lesson programs, the Holland Community Aquatic Center offers private and semi-private lessons for ages 5 and up. Unlike the group lessons that follow a set schedule, private lessons provide flexible scheduling and personalized attention. Whether you want to learn to swim for the first time or are a seasoned swimmer looking to improve your technique, our experienced coaches are here to help!

To learn more about our coaches and to schedule lessons please contact Jesse by phone at 616.393.7595 or by email.

The Holland Community Aquatic Center is grateful to our partners that allow us to provided increased access to water safety and swimming instruction to hundreds of children and adults in the Holland community.

School Swim Program

During the school year, the Holland Community Aquatic Center teaches swim lessons to kindergartners – 5th grade students who attend Holland Public Schools, Holland Christian Schools, Vanderbilt, Black River, Corpus Christi, Calvary Schools, Lakewood Elementary, Saugatuck and Holland Adventist Academy. Watch below for an introduction to these lessons.